Which Dad Shoes are Cheap For Sale

Balenciaga shot themselves in the foot by moving the production of those shoes from Italy to China. From what I've seen the quality went down a bit but something bigger Happened too. I understand why they truly did it but think about it. You would never see an exact replica/fake of that Gucci shoe that you have floating around because it's so hard to rival Italian quality when it comes to shoe production. Balenciaga moved their production to China and now the shoes can be easily replicated by nearby factories. There end goal was to make more money but they ended up not only doing that but giving those fake factories access to make near identical replicas. There are some Triple S fakes floating around that are exact matches to the real thing. That is something that you would never see with a Gucci or Versace brand when it comes to those kind of detailed shoes. It just wouldn't happen. Balenciaga did it to themselves. I'd never ever wear fakes but when you can literally get the same exact shoe ( a shoe btw that does not come with any added tech like boost or Flyknit) for 60% less than retail I don't blame people for going for the fakes of that triple S shoe. I'm strongly against fakes of any kind but Balenciaga hasn't convinced me enough on why I should pay close to 900 dollars for a shoe that is made in China. Especially when you take into account the fact that the fakes and the retail are both made in similar factories and also the shoe has no added tech that you'd miss out on if you were to go for a fake. The initial draw of owning a shoe made in Italy is gone. That stamp means something in manufacturing when it comes to a brand and I don't know if Balenciaga is really thinking about that when it comes to long term impact and relevancy with whatever market they're selling too. Just my opinion.

Puma RS-O fire and PUMA Thunder Spectra are fkn fire! The Fila Venoms and OG kswiss are some standard dad shoes as well! But the Air Monarchs are you standard dad/coach shoe if your dad didnt have these in his closet he wasnt that dude. Where's the Yung-1? It's basically the Falcon Dorf from 1997 and as such, a prime Dad Shoes. I might as well take a few Runs in them..

I love my Air Monarchs! Seriously most comfortable shoe I own. I also have Air Max Fury, Epic Air Reacts and Lunar. They have that dad show look if you keep them clean.

Nike Air Monarch IV 'Father's Day 2019'
Balenciagas ‘Father’s Day 2019’

Top five ways to get sneakers under retail. Top 5 shoes dads and kids can rock together. Top five Twitter feeds for sneakers heads. Top 5 hypebeast fails. Top five ways you can make me jealous that I haven't bought my kid those sneakers that your son has. My wife and I watching during dinner keep up the good work. If you use any of these sight me so she can freak out. I prefer the 608s to the Air Monarchs because the New Balances fit more true to size for me and I think they have a smaller footprint so they don't look quite as goofy, but m2ks and waverunners would have to be my favorites to come out of the dad shoe trend overall though. .

I’m 39 y.o. with 2 kids, and there is NO WAY I’d cop a pair of so called dad shoes. Back in the 90’s, designers were looking into futuristic designs like the Huarache, or the Reebok InstaPump Fury. This dad shoe vibe is a lazy trend that consists into adapting a (ugly) silhouettes with today’s material. When designers give into complacency, it’s not a good sign. Hypebeasts, move ahead!

Honestly my dad doesn't like the bulky shoes but he doesn't like pk or fk either he doesn't enjoy boost because it's too squishy for his taste so I bought him a pair of Nike air max 90s all white leather because he's been wanting a pair ever since I was born but he always spent his money on us I mean it's a tad bulky but it's a nice timeless design in my opinion Not to state the obvious but kanye only did the dad shoes, because he saw the monarchs and balenciaga getting more love, so he does what he does best, copy off other designers.

I think the fact that Kenny seemed to genuinely like the Yeezys and the Balenciagas is the true dad shoe stamp of approval. Kenny is like the dad that knows what’s going on and is like the dad everyone loves. Ralph seems like the dad who’s cool with whatever and knows how to do business. Jeff is like the dad who tries to be cool and ends up embrassing the kids.

When people use the term “dad shoes,” they mean dads over the age of 50 in my opinion. The red head guy definitely shouldn’t be there just because he’s a dad. Also, as a sneaker head myself, I would watch the guy with the glasses review sneakers all day. He seems to be into the details. Bring more of him! Air Max 98's aren't dad shoes...and the Versace ones aren't either, since when is a brand new model, that looks like nothing that ever came out (the sole) with extreme colors/textures/prints a dad shoe?...you can't just call any model dad shoes, even the Balenciaga's are questionable. The retro models that look like what we've considered 'cheap gym shoes' before they got trendy again are dad shoes, not these...

balenciaga track trainer, dad shoes, blue shoe, chunky sneaker, summer shoe, sneaker trends
Balenciaga's Track trainer on the runway for spring '19.
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Having a good cushion and reducing pressure on your jounts is really important but i think these shoes' outsoles are too high for the elders(and it is not good for young people too)and not good good for them because of higher possibility for the indury. Just for the design, some of them look cool though.

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Yeezy Boost 700 V2 new colorway
Yeezy Boost 700 V2.
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Teva puma Leather sandal.
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  • Totally agree on the puma thunder spectra being a contender for sneaker of the year. Affordable modern dad shoe, great materials, and looks awesome.
  • The yeezy 500 really lives up to the hype. the material quality is amazing and they're a nice comfy shoe, also the super moon colorway isn't as bright yellow as it looks in pictures. it's more of a slightly yellowish tan.
  • Your outfit in this video is my contender for "Seth's outfit of the year," that hoodie and the washed denim together on you.... sublime .These are the perfect colors for you.The reason LV, Gucci, Balenciaga etc. are so expensive is the premium use of materials.The materials are no way the same as mass produced sneakers.Additionally, the labor cost to produce in Italy are most likely quadruple the cost in low wage Asian countries.

Honestly the 700s are the ones that got me into the bad trend but the 500s are the ones that I actually went for I couldn’t pay that extra hundred dollars just for boost when there’s plenty of other shoes that have boost at a much lower cost.. example byw nmd. And the leather quality on the 500s beautiful and very comfortable money well spent.

Can you give opinion on the Mauve, is sitting retail in Malaysia.. Total 4 store Released.. 2 Store Online Raffle.. 2 Adidas Originals Store 1stC1stServe...

Is sitting for a Day.

Actually the Balenciaga and the Gucci shoes both use calf skin so yea there leather quality is far superior than Nike and Adidas Wich use only genuine leather. But regy of that there all made in China.

I don't really like yeezys and I think puma is probably the best dad shoe provider of the lot. But I have to admit the Mauve 700s are sexy... If I could find a pair for cheap (of course that wouldn't happen) I wouldn't mind getting them. But the Puma Rs-0, Rs-X, Thunder Spectra, Cell Venoms are just straight fire. Of course Puma was already doing good with runners with shoes like the Blaze of glory and Discs before the dad shoe trend.

I have the Rhytons in the non-logo CW and the quality is insanely good. Also they are made in Italy where labour is a bit more expensive than Bangladesh or Vietnam. Don't get me wrong - 800$ for a pair of shoes is insane (and I

didn't pay as much for mine - got them used for a steal) and in no way justifiable. But the quality of designer sneakers is a lot higher than Nike or Adidas.

No Yeezy is a dad shoe based on all the hassle you have to go through to buy them. And based on the price those Gucci and Balenciaga sneakers aren't dad shoes either. The average dad that wears a Nike Monarch doesn't even know about the 3 I mentioned.

Dude all designer clothes prices are not based on quality. Quality has very little to do with how they price. It is all about the branding and finding someone dumb enough to pay those retail prices. Vergil abloh and supreme are the worst at ripping people off.

Calvin Klein leather chunky trainers should be in that list too, they are as bulky as Balenciaga but with less than half the Balenciaga weight, super comfy and only £130 that's 5 times cheaper than Balenciaga.

Not gonna lie but that gucci sneakers are plain boring (no offence to those who like this brand). also, few days ago i successfully bought the puma thunder spectra! i love it so so much. i'm also thinking about purchasing those addias yeezys sneakers because they seem good looking too.

Why do you always have to slay everything?!! I'm not really into the ugly dad sneakers trend but the way you styled them, soo chic & elegant, still sticking to your main style aesthetic My favorite look is that PINK POWER SUIT!

I enjoy the sneaker trend bc now wearing comfortable shoes is fashionable, but I think this styling video was off for me bc most of the sneaker and outfit choices weren't good pairings and clashed awkwardly instead of cool/effortless vibes.

Where are the socks from in outfit 6? Have been looking for nice low socks to wear with my Dad sneakers but not been able to find any other than the Nike one's Aimee also wears in outfit 1.

I didn't know about the brand before, but definitely seems interesting. As for of the shoes, they're a solid 8; the flash is subtle enough, but still would prefer a more low-key color. I like the silouhaite and am in general a fan of new balance, particularly their made in usa lineups (998, 996, 997). You should check out their upcoming 327 model, some nice collaboration with that one too.

New Balance generally have extremely very comfortable shoes. I haven't worn any of them in a minute (574 suede) because it no longer fits with my minimalist style but they were some of the most comfortable shoes. I can respect your reasoning for your purchase. With that said, I can't stand "DAD SHOES" by any brand so these wouldn't be for me. Once this fad finally goes away it will be looked back like the way we look back at Justin Bieber's Q-tip hair "style".

I just got these, and not as expected after watching this video. I have the original toy colorway, and I thought those were too small. I got those in 42 EU (9 US), but should have gone for 42.5-43. As anyone said these fits true to size, I got them in a 42 EU. I normally wear anything from 41.5-42. But these felt way more tight, not as padded, and not as comfortable, and I can’t even get a finger in at the heel. The heel is also not as high, so feels like they gonna come off when walking. Returning them asap for half a size bigger. So beware. If you have small, but wide feet like me, order half a size to a full size up! Only thing they got right with this shoe was the color way, and that red is perfect!

This look will be a flash in the pan; trendy today and embarrassing tomorrow. You two aren't old enough to remember the platform shoes and super wide bell-bottoms of the 1970's (okay, neither am I), but there are certain looks that come and go quickly and are never considered tasteful. Sure, trends evolve (e.g., lapel widths, pant fit, etc.), but certain styles and style elements are consistently considered tasteful and refined even though the subtle details trend differently over time.

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